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Updated February 2012

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DVD Rental With Cinema Paradiso

If you want to watch the latest films on DVD or Blu Ray but don't want the effort of making two journeys to your local rental shop then Cinema Paradiso have the service you need.

The DVD rental service is totally managed and administered online, and as they do not have large overheads Cinema Paradiso are able to offer very low rental prices. Your selections are delivered by first class postage and your prepaid return envelope is also first class. The service is very simple to use and manage. First you select a rental plan based on the number of DVD rentals you wish to make per month, and at any one time. You are free to switch between all of the standard rental plans at any time.

When you have registered you will log into the site and browse our online rentals catalogue adding the titles you want to watch to your wish list. Other family members can also maintain their own wish lists.

As soon as a selected title is available it is sent to you by 1st class post. When you have watched it you return it using a 1st class prepaid envelope. As soon as it's received, and providing you have an unused rental allocation this month, the next available title on your list will be despatched.

Cinema Paradiso offer a free trial so you have a no risk opportunity to see how great their online dvd rental service works.

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About Cinema Paradiso - What They Say About Themselves

We love films as much as you do. We like watching them over and over again and are very passionate about making your film watching experience as enjoyable as possible. Our easy to use website puts you in charge to search through our catalogue and find that film you love or the one you never quite got round to watching and that everyone’s recommended. We pride ourselves on our extensive World Cinema catalogue; from Hollywood to Bollywood, Argentina to Vietnam, you can enjoy films from all over the world and create your own cinema paradise.

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