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Afghan Knights

Afghan Knights (2007) "Never leave a man behind". This is a code of brotherhood for the highly trained US Navy SEAL. A year ago, this code was broken. Haunted by the fact that he left a man behind, Pepper, an ex Navy Seal turned private military contractor, pulls together all his strength to endure one last mission to Afghanistan in the hopes of finding his missing comrade. Gaining entrance into Afghanistan by taking on a contract, the operation goes terribly wrong as Pepper diverts his team in order to get answers about his missing man. Taking place in Afghanistan, a country that has been inflicted by war for hundreds of years, Pepper and his team become victims to fallen warriors from an ancient time. The Taliban, The Russians, The Americans have all fought over this land; but no one nation caused as much destruction and death and Genghis Kahn's warriors. Ancient Mongol warfare meets the highest US military trained experts in a supernatural fight for survival in the barren cemetery known as Afghanistan.

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Aaron Au


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