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The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg

The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg (1994) Documentary focussing on the life and times of poet Allen Ginsberg. Formative experiences such as sexual encounters with Jack Kerouac, and drug experiences with Timothy Leary are explicitly detailed, as is an arresting confrontation with TV-host William F. Buckley. Some of Ginsberg's lesser know works make an appearance, as well as the wonderful double-whammy of two "Howl" readings, performed in 1955 and 1992. Ginsberg's political and Buddhist leanings are also meticulously explored, with the film accentuating both these character traits in a remarkable clash with the police at the Democratic Convention in 1968. Surrounded by turmoil, the beleaguered Beat poet takes to the stage, and calmly delivers a compelling Buddhist chant.

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