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ABC - Absolutely ABC - The Videos

ABC - Absolutely ABC - The Videos (2003) Decked out in suave suits, their faces framed by meticulously styled hair, the British New Wave foursome ABC played up their "New Romantic" identity to the hilt. The Eighties hitmakers made perfectly crafted pop songs which blended pop, R & B, and dance elements. This release is a collection of the group's music videos which includes the Top 25 hits "When Smokey Sings," "Be Near Me," and "How to Be a Millionaire."

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Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (2003) The tracklist features ABC - 'Poison Arrow', Frankie Goes To Hollywood - 'Relax', Big Country - 'In A Big Country', The Jam - 'Going Underground', Teardrop Explodes - 'Reward', Tears For Fears - 'Mad World' and many more.

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Ice Cool 80's

Ice Cool 80's (2003) The tracklist features Soft Cell - 'Tainted Love', The Christians - 'Ideal World', Tears For Fears - 'Mad World', Curiosity Killed The Cat - 'Down To Earth', ABC - 'When Smokey Sings', Style Council - 'Long Hot Summer', Dire Straits - 'Romeo And Juliet', Joe Jackson - 'It's Different For Girls', Squeeze - 'Cool For Cats' and many more.

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ABC - The Universal Masters DVD Collection

ABC - The Universal Masters DVD Collection (2005) Tracklist includes: 'The Look Of Love', 'All Of My Heart', 'That Was Then But This Is Now', 'Be Near Me', 'Poison Arrow', 'SOS', 'Vanity Kills', 'The Night You Murdered Love', 'How To Be A Millionaire' and 'When Smokey Sings'. Features ten tracks in total.

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