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Love Marriage

Love Marriage (1959) Sunil Kumar rents a room in the city where he is to play cricket for the home team. He meets with the landlord's daughter, who instantly dislikes him. But after watching him play cricket, she falls in love with him, and both decide to get married. After the marriage both decide to re-locate and do so, living harmoniously for sometime, before differences arise, threatening to break up their "love marriage".

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Jyoti (1981) Jyoti is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of a woman - steadfast, courageous and burning brightly even in the deepest darkness, like an eternal flame. Jyoti is a story of Gauri (Hema Malini), a daughter of a poor vaidya (Om Shivpuri) whom Raja Saheb (Ashok Kumar), a rich zamindar chooses to be the bride of Niranjan (Vijayendra), his spoilt arrogant son by his second wife Sunanda (Shashikala), who, to insure the position of her son as the only heir to Raja Sahebs huge fortunes, has reduced her stepson Govind (Jeetendra) to an illiterate opium addict. At the wedding, however, Sunanda, enraged at the thought of her son marrying a poor nobody, sarcastically suggests that Gauri marry Govind instead. Raja Saheb, to save face, does exactly that and so Gauri ends up as poor, retarded Govinds wife. But Gauri undettered by what life has dealt with her, begins her mission to rehabilitate her husband to mental health. Will Gauri succeed as Shakti- the epitome of female power?

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Sharafat (1970) Dharmendra stars in Madan Mohan's classic, compelling 1970 romantic drama as a professor who falls in love with an erotic dancer (Hema Malini), but feels obligated to marry Rekha (Sonia Sahni) because of a debt he owes her father.

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Biraj Bahu

Biraj Bahu (1954) Nilambhar Chakravorty belongs to a poor family, and lives in a joint family with his married brother, Pitambar, unmarried sister, Punnu, and wife, Biraj. Since his sister is of marriageable age, he arranges her marriage, and borrows some money. When Pitambar comes to know about this, he refuses to share any expense in his sister's marriage, and decides to separate, resulting in a fence being put up between their homes. Nilambher, unable to find employment, is unable to pay back the loan, and soon both he and his wife barely have enough to live on. To complicate matters further, Deodhar, a wealthy young contractor has his eye on Biraj's beauty and would like to be intimate with her, in return for money and a better life. He even hires Biraj's maidservant, Sundari, to lure Biraj to him. One day when Nilambher goes to attend a funeral in a nearby town, and does not come home for two days. When he returns he is told that Biraj had been seen hear Deodhar's place. When he questions her, she refuses to explain and he asks to get out of his house, which she does, and eventually disappears from his life altogether. All Nilambher hears is rumours that Biraj has run away with Deodhar and is leading a comfortable life, but no one knows for sure where she is or why she refused to explain to Nilambher where she was that night.

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Amanush (1975) When a woman named Champa confides in Rekha that Madhusudan, whom she loves has got her pregnant, Rekha confronts Madhusudan, who denies. Rekha disbelieves him. Furious, he goes in search of Champa, only to find that she has disappeared. Soon, he is arrested by the police on a charge of stealing money from his uncle, found guilty, and sent to jail for several years. After his discharge, he returns home to find his uncle is dead; an employee has taken over the estate and the property; Champa is missing; and Rekha hates him. Unable to reconcile himself to the changed circumstances, he takes to alcohol in a big way and lives the life of a half-man half-beast, feared and hated at the same time by all.

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