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The Wog Boy

The Wog Boy (2000) Steve likes Celia from the moment they met. But following a clash with her boss, Raelene Beagle-Thorpe, Minister for employment, he finds himself on national television, branded Australia’s biggest dole bludger. Now Steve has to prove to Celia, to himself an the whole country, that there’s more to him than meets the eye With a little help from his friends, he might just do it. As long as he can keep his best friend Frank away from Annie, Celia’s little sister...and protect Frank’s cousin Dom, from Tony, the insane local crime lord to whom Dom owes money....and prevent Theo, an enterprising neighbour, from throwing himself in front of a car to collect insurance. Mate, there’s just got to be an easier way to meet chicks.

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The Secret Life Of Us - Series 1

The Secret Life Of Us - Series 1 (2001) The lives of eight twenty-somethings living in an apartment block in Melbourne. Discs 1-3 contain episodes: Telemovie Part One, Telemovie Part Two, The Unbelievable Truth, The Garden of Gethsemane, The Rules, Expect The Unexpected, The Road Not Taken, What Am I?, The Secret Life of Us, State of Limbo, Love Sucks. Discs 4-6 contain episodes: Fallout, Secrets and Lies, Better The Devil You Know, The Gap, The Butterfly Effect, Piggy-in-the-Middle, Intimations of Mortality, A Friend Indeed, Men on the Verge, The Doorway, Now Or Never.

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Abi Tucker


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