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Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis (1951) MGM turned Henry Sinkiewicz's Nobel Prize-winning novel into one of the most extravagant productions in film history. The epic tale is set in the decadence and decay of Nero's Rome, where Christianity is just beginning to foment. Robert Taylor (BILLY THE KID, JOHNNY EAGER) stars as Marcus Vinicius, a Roman military commander who falls in love with Lygia, played by Deborah Kerr (KING SOLOMON'S MINES, THE KING AND I). Lygia has recently converted to Christianity, and Marcus follows suit. The conversion establishes a rift between Marcus and the emperor Nero (Sir Peter Ustinov), who blames the growing religion for the turmoil within his empire, going so far as to throw Christian converts to the lions. But the real appeal of QUO VADIS is the grand Technicolor spectacle of ancient Rome burning, of pagan orgies, of marching armies, and of man-eating lions. Combined with the stunning score by Miklos Rozsa, QUO VADIS is worth watching simply for the audiovisual feast it offers.

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Out of the Clouds

Out of the Clouds (1954) A busy day at London Airport. Follow the lives and loves of the crew and passengers.

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Calling Paul Temple

Calling Paul Temple (1948) Paul Temple (John Bentley) is a former Scotland Yard investigator who has become a successful mystery novelist. Paul frequently lends a hand in the solution of real-life crimes that challenge even the most experienced Scotland Yard sleuths. At his side in these exploits is Steve (Dinah Sheridan), his lovely wife and partner-in-crime solving. Scotland Yard is unable to unravel the "Rex" murders. An unidentified killer who signs his name as "Rex" has slain three wealthy women as they rode in trains. All of the victims carried pieces of paper on which was written the name "Mrs. Trevellyan." Based on the Hit Thriller Radio Plays by Francis Durbridge.

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Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk (1954) When Ruth agrees to marry plantation owner John, she is filled with excitement. The excitement is short lived, however, as she soon begins to feel trapped within her banal life. When Dick Carver visits the plantation, she immediately falls in love, but it's not long before tragedy strikes...

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A Matter Of Life And Death

A Matter Of Life And Death (1946) Also known as Stairway to Heaven, A Matter of Life and Death is the remarkable British fantasy film that became the surprise hit of 1946. David Niven stars as Peter Carter, a World War II RAF pilot who is forced to bail out of his crippled plane without a parachute. He wakes up to find he has landed on Earth utterly unharmed...which wasn't supposed to happen according to the rules of Heaven. A celestial court argues over whether or not to claim Carter's life or to let him survive to wed his American sweetheart (Kim Hunter). During an operation, in which Carter hovers between life and death, he dreams that his spirit is on trial, with God (Abraham Sofaer) as judge and Carter's recently deceased best friend (Roger Livesey) as defense counsel. The film tries to have it both ways by suggesting that the heavenly scenes are all a product of Carter's imagination, but the audience knows better. Among the curious but effective artistic choices in A Matter of Life and Death was the decision to film the earthbound scenes in Technicolor and the Heaven sequences in black-and-white. The film was a product of the adventuresome team known as The Archers: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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