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Unlimited Free Movie Rentals for 5 Weeks! Use special promo code: SUM2012 - Valid until 31/07/2012.


Rent Britain's Largest Choice of Film & TV on DVD & Blu-ray + 30 Day Free Trial


Watch Unlimited Film & TV Online for £5.99 / Month + 1 Month Free Trial www.netflix.com/UK

Free Trials Blockbuster 5 Week Free Trial Details

This offer is valid on Blockbuster's most popular subscription package - the "2 movies & games" rental plan for 9.99 per month. Rent an unlimited number of films and games with two discs at home at a time.

Use promo code SUM2012 to upgrade from the standard 2 week trial.

  • Titles - 70,000+ Films & Games
  • Exras - Blockbuster Top Tickets
  • Free Trial - 2 Week Free Trial
  • Website - www.blockbuster.co.uk

Free Trials LOVEFiLM 30 Day Free Trial Details

Lovefilm are currently giving every new customer a no-obligation 30 day free trial. This is a tempory increase from the standard 14 day offer.

LOVEFiLM is the most popular film rental provider in the UK and is currently europe's largest film rental company with operations in six countries. They stock over 80,000 titles which are available to rent by post in DVD or Blu-ray format, or watch online on your PC, internet TV or stream directly through your PS3/Xbox360. LOVEFiLM have just about every film ever released as well as a growing number of PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii games.

  • Britain's Largest Choice of Films - Thousands of movies to rent on DVD & Blu-ray
  • Online Streaming - Watch films & TV series instantly on your TV, PS3, Xbox 360, Laptop and iPad
  • 30 Day Free Trial - As always, no late fees or long term contracts - you can cancel online at anytime
  • Free Postage - Every rental disc is sent by first-class post
  • Great Website - Find the latest releases, reviews, and news at:

Free Trials Netflix UK 1 Month Free Trial Details

Netflix launch their UK movie streaming service in February 2012 and they already have over 1 million customers. Find out why it's so popular by starting a 1 month free trial.

Instantly watch unlimited TV episodes & movies over the Internet right on your TV, computer and various mobile devices. Watch instantly on your TV via your Wii console, PS3 system, Xbox 360, network connected Blu-ray players, HDTVs and more. Watch as much as you want, as often as you want for only 5.99 a month. Start your 1 month free trial today!

  • Unlimited Online Streaming for £5.99 / Month
  • Watch on your PS3, Wii, Xbox, PC, Mac, iPad, Apple TV
  • High quality video instantly streamed over the internet
  • Over 100,000 people are joining Netflix every week
  • Enjoy a 1 Month Free Trial - Cancel at any time with just 3 clicks online no hassles
  • Netflix UK Website - www.netflix.com/uk/

Free Trials Try Providers For Free

Online DVD Rental is big business and rival companies are competing for new customers. Most websites have free trial offers for new customers so they can test out the service risk-free. These no-risk free trial offers are popular with customers and the DVD rental companies are confident you will enjoy using their service and hope you will become a long-term subscriber.

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Promotional Codes & Discount Vouchers - The Latest Offer Coupons & Sign Up Deals

The table below has details of the latest dvd rental free trial offers and promotional codes. Start a free trial now!

Provider Free Trial Full Details Game Rentals Our Rating Website
LOVEFiLM 30 Day Free Trial

LOVEFiLM 30 Day Free Trial

A promotional code is required for this offer, but should be automatically filled in when you click the link to LOVEFiLM. If asked, enter promo code LFAW3012.

For full terms, please refer to www.lovefilm.com

Yes 10/10 Start Free Trial
Blockbuster 5 Week Free Trial

Blockbuster 5 Week Free Trial

To avoid any subscription charges if you are on a trial, you will need to cancel your account before the end of your trial period.

For full terms, please refer to www.blockbuster.co.uk

Yes 9/10 Start Free Trial

Frequently Asked Questions - Everything You Need To Know

Why are companies offering free trials?

Providers are confident that you will love the service they offer. With healthy competition in the online film rental marketplace, rental sites are keen to sign up new customers. They find the best way is to let a new customer try out their service for free, with the hope they will be happy with the service and choose to stay when the free dvd rental trial ends.

Will I be charged if I cancel my subscription while on a free trial?

You can cancel your subscription at any time during your free trial period without incurring any charges.

How do I cancel my free trial?

Cancelling can be done online. Log in to your account and navigate to 'cancel my subscription'.

Is there a limit on the number of discs I can rent during my free trial?

During your free trial you have full access to the dvd rental service. There are no limits and you are treated as if you are a paying member.

Why do I need to give my payment details?

You will need a credit or debit card to register an account and start your free trial. You will not be charged during your free trial. Your payment information is stored and your card will be charged only when your free trial has ended.

I've had a free trial before, can I sign up again and get another free trial?

Each free trial offer is one per person per household. If you have enjoyed a free trial before, you may not be eligible for another free trial with the same provider. You will be informed when you sign up online.

What happens when my free trial ends?

If you do not cancel your subscription within the free trial period, your subscription package charge will start being automatically billed to your card at the end of your free trial period. This will continue on a monthly basis unless you decide to cancel your account. Always check the with the provider for full terms and conditions.

Can I change my membership level after my free trial?

Yes. You can move up or down membership levels at any time.

More Questions?

You can ask a question using the contact us form.

Free Trials - Most Popular Plans

The following film rental packages include a free trial and have been popular with previous visitors. You can also compare all your options by using our dvd rental comparison search tool to compare dvd rental companies and find the best package for you.

Provider Package Name Monthly Limit Discs at Home Games Included Sign Up Offers Other Benefits Monthly Cost Sign Up
Blockbuster 2 Movies or Games a Month 2 11 disc at a time YesXbox 360 - PS3 - Wii 14 Day Free Trial - £5.99
LOVEFiLM Have It All 1 Unlimited 11 disc at a time No 30 Day Free Trial Unlimited Online Streaming £7.99
LOVEFiLM Have It All 2 Unlimited 22 discs at a time No 30 Day Free Trial Unlimited Online Streaming £9.99
Blockbuster 2 Unlimited - Movies & Games Unlimited 22 discs at a time YesXbox 360 - PS3 - Wii 14 Day Free Trial - £9.99
LOVEFiLM Film & Games 3 Unlimited 3 3 discs at a time YesPS3 - Xbox 360 - Wii - DS - PSP - PS2 - Gamecube - Xbox 30 Day Free Trial Unlimited Online Streaming £14.99
Compare Rental Packages - Use our price comparison tool to compare film rental services and find the perfect price plan.

Prices and offers correct at 6:30 on Tuesday 12 December 2017