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When a no-account bank clerk discovers a curious wooden mask he finds it has some interesting properties; to wit, the mask magnifies the wearer's personality to superhuman proportions-oddly, others seem to find this attractive. The no-longer-nebbischy clerk enjoys his new life considerably, but when he seduces the girlfriend of a powerful gangster, complications result. Academy Award Nominations: Best Visual Effects.

Film Details

Starring:Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, Richard Jeni, Peter Riegert, Amy Yasbeck, Peter Greene
Comedy, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Entertainment In Video
1 hr 37 mins
Released: In Cinemas - 1994
Certificate: PG

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Rent The Mask on DVD

The Mask was released to rent on DVD on 07 Mar 2005


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Rent The Mask on Blu-ray

The Mask was released to rent on Blu-ray on 07 Mar 2005


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