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Lovefilm Pay As You Go Game Rental Plan - Get Two Free Tickets to a Cinema of Your Choice

With PAYG Game Rental from Lovefilm you can rent films and games for just £2.50 per disc. Lovefilm stock over 7,500 games in their online game rental catalogue, so whether you're after the latest releases or you're searching for an old classic, chances are Lovefilm have what you're looking for.

Lovefilm pay as you go game rental allows you to rent games for your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, DS/DSi, PSP, PlayStation 2, and GameCube games console plus you can rent films in DVD and Blu-ray format.

Buy 6 rental credits for £15.00 and get two free tickets to a cinema of your choice when you sign up through UK Film Rental today. Your credits last for 3 months and your free cinema tickets will be sent to you by post straight after your first disc is dispatched.

To find out more about how pay as you go game rental from Lovefilm, take a look at our Lovefilm Pay As You Go page or visit the Lovefilm website at